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My new novel The Thornhill Secret is now available!
As a writer of historical novels Victoria Green is very good at research. A little too good, perhaps, to suit at least one keeper of the Thornhill Secret, who will stop at nothing to end Victoria's prying into the Thornhill family.
While visiting one of her relatives at the magnificant Thornhill Manor in New Hampshire, she is put in her great-aunt Emily's old room. There, Victoria discovers a hidden box that contains Emily's journal from 1925. Victoria is enthralled when she reads the journal, packed with Emily's vivid descriptions of life on the estate.
The journal hints that Emily's untimely death was anything but an accident. What really happened to Emily Thornhill, and who was responsible for her death?
Available as a Paperback ISBN 978-1-4567-9385-2 or as an
e-book ISBN 978-1456-79386-9
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